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THS Štables is the result of 20 years work of commercializing sports horses. The THS Štables's administrator & organizer is Emmanuel NEALE, rider, expert and international horse trader for over 20 years.

Mr Neale has also trained many young horses and high level horses (something you can easily see in the references tab). In addition of that, he also worked with references riders: Peter WYLD, Ludo PHILIPPAERTS, Yuri MANSUR.

The years brought him the expertise to provide a critical and authentic perspective on the one hand to the selection of the champions of tomorrow, and on the other to find the most promising combination of rider and horse. In this perspective we can also give an opinion on horses that you would like to buy.

Our objective is the selection of quality horses, that is why all our horses have a proper vet visit and also results which attest the quality of each horse.

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